Global Warming Warning

0 Global Warming WarningScientists predict that rising sea levels will leave the UK shaped like a penis. Speak to your local MP and let’s stop Britain turning into a huge member.

Duration : 0:1:36

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25 Responses to Global Warming Warning

  1. IsaacMaldonadoM says:

    Vergewaltigung des …
    Vergewaltigung des Zurueckspul Knopfes … Wahrlich eins von den tollsten
    Youtube videos welche in dem letzten Zeitraum auf yout… geuploadet worden sind, sprich eine Sensation.
    Youtuber haette noch ein total sensationellen Tipp fuer alle auf Lager, guckt bei meinem Profil. Habe durch dessen Methode in sieben Tagen, genug Maeuse gescheffelt um mir ein Macbook Pro zu kaufen!!!

  2. telkmx says:


  3. NikFromNYC says:

    DoKtor FukiNg …
    DoKtor FukiNg CHarLIE GoRe!!!

  4. imanshar90 says:

    They wanna block …
    They wanna block the earth :(

  5. nukular0 says:

    hilarious it is …
    hilarious it is indeed :D

  6. XSunacX says:

    i love british …
    i love british humor OMG!

  7. JW7467 says:


  8. BreakingNorthampton says:

    i am sooo getting …
    i am sooo getting my geography teacher to play this video in class :D

  9. hubdarkhn says:

    i thought the penis …
    i thought the penis was a nose

  10. Shloerful says:

    @knightsplitter …
    @knightsplitter definitely

  11. iliescosmin says:

    Actually when we’ll …
    Actually when we’ll all be under water it will not be that funny …
    But as this is a troll video doesn’t matter.

  12. andremp03 says:

    ‘Does that mean …
    ‘Does that mean I’ll be living in the bellend’ hahahaha

  13. carpy93 says:

    ‘Does that mean …
    ‘Does that mean I’ll be living in the bellend?” hahaha

  14. ckkhenry14 says:

    UK’s Semen around …
    UK’s Semen around the world

  15. mthroser says:

    Thanks god I moved …
    Thanks god I moved from France.

  16. CPBTOOP5674 says:

    so will i live in …
    so will i live in the or ballz?

  17. yunolikemypost says:

    @knightsplitter …
    @knightsplitter can’t tell if trolling, or just supid.

  18. knightsplitter says:

    is this for real??? …
    is this for real???? lol

  19. roxfoeva says:

    they’re working …
    they’re working HARD with their european neighbours…….

  20. juantwothre3 says:

    Rofl rofl …
    Rofl rofl ahahahahahahagagaagagahabanjajaja

  21. phoobear33 says:

    I’m moving to …
    I’m moving to france…..

  22. madeup6 says:

    Hahaha and the …
    Hahaha and the French surrender yet again… XD

  23. HDKMajors says:


  24. Kafj302 says:


  25. RossHamMil says:

    at least my house …
    at least my house doesnt get washed into the sea

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